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The Hospice Chaplain’s Confessions Journals #1

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 Morgan Michael a chaplain who does the hospice circuit. This is the first published journal of what happened one day on the job. If you are up for mystery and people making the most of their final moments and the choices, they make. Naturally the stories include the best and worst of the human experience, so we have conspiracies, murder, mayhem, rape and revenge.
The members of “The Society”, all have contracted the exact same lethal non-communicable cancer. For the last 50 plus years they have been fighting the battle against ecological degradation of the planet in their own way. They have also been advocating the use of a “new” cure for alcoholism that has been successfully used in Europe and legal in the USA since 1994. Both causes pit them against, multibillion dollar interest of the fossil fuel interest and the 176 Billion dollar a year Rehab revolving door. Is it just a coincidence that all six people have the same lethal cancer?
Enjoy knowing that are also a part of a literary first, a little piece of history, without the police being called, a war or natural disaster, or having some special talent that only others can dream of having. At the time of the initial authorship and initial publication, this story is the first time the Sinclair Method for the treatment of Alcoholism is part of the plot. While this story is a work of fiction, the science, including a new and exciting method of treating alcohol use disorder (alcoholism) with a 78% verifiable success rate, is worth further review. There are books and videos about it and you can read Claudia Christian’s story on the CThreeFoundation.org website for yourself or watch “One Little Pill”. In the meantime, half of the net proceeds due the author is contributed to the CThreeFoundation, so buy many copies and do a good deed. A large print physical copy of the book available in addition to eBook and Audio book formats.
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