Ben Shryock

The Gospel Road

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Have you ever wondered what "the Gospel" is? It is a true story about our friend Jesus. You can now listen to the simple, true story of Jesus in this audiobook. The messages in “The Gospel Road” will provide you with encouragement, peace, and a clear purpose in life - if you choose to accept them.

Seven chapters will guide you through past and future events that will clearly explain the gospel of Jesus in simple language. This audiobook was specifically recorded for the listener who does not know who Jesus is and who is not familiar with the Bible; however, it is also a valuable resource for those who are currently followers of Jesus and His teachings.
Listening to this audiobook will provide answers to the following common questions:
- Who is Jesus?
- Why is our planet so beautiful and so painful?
- What's going to happen to me after I die?
- Is there life anywhere besides Earth?
- What does God require of me?
- What is the gospel of Jesus Christ?

The chapter titles are as follows:
1) Learn who and what existed before planet Earth.
2) Understand where we came from.
3) Review details of the first battle on Earth and who lost.
4) Find out about the rescue plan to save the human race from permanent destruction.
5) Consider the two different sides that are influencing your decisions.
6) Be encouraged by understanding how you can live a meaningful, loving life starting today.
7) Find true peace in the middle of life's storms.
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