Penny Ann

The Dreamspellers

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Twenty years after Corey Tusk led a revolution against tyranny, his family and friends now live as free people in the post apocalyptic community of Andromeda without class distinction or prejudice. The children are growing to young adulthood and experiencing budding romances in the peace and harmony their parents fought so hard to achieve. But unbeknownst to them, those who still believe in the archaic ideologies and systems of the past have been living below ground in a bunker and are ready to emerge. When the two groups confront each other, chaos and tragedy unfold as the old world collides with the new, and the people of Andromeda must decide whether to help the Dreamspellers, who are the unwitting creators of the virtual reality of the Dreamspell program and who are being controlled and repressed by the greater elites.
Will Corey Tusk and his friends be able to stand against these evil forces by using all the gifts of their new enlightened states, or will they succumb to the fear that ruled them for decades under the repression of the Mensis?
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