Crista Hoffmann

Binge Eating

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Take back your life and stop bad habits! I know you can do it!
Binge eating can be a destructive habit, and if you want to overcome it, there is a desperate need for the right information. You’ve come to the right place. With the help of this audiobook, you’ll figure out the best way to take control of your body and mind again.
You will learn, among others:
How to stop urges and cravings (extremely important).How to start the morning for a better day without the unhealthy snacks.Which exercises can assist you in your journey toward being free from addiction.The best ways to master the emotions related to the cravings.The differences between regular extravagant cravings and the real disorder.Good foods and bad foods and how to tell the difference.Curious yet? Then don’t wait, and start listening so you don’t have to remain in the dark. Save yourself the misery of common mistakes and learn from what I have learned. I will see you in the first chapter!
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