Raymond Sturgis

Sex Right Now! Orgasm Overdue!: The Fantastic Way to Feel Pleasure

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You do not have to listen to a whole book to get steamy scenes or sexual encounters, just start listening and instantly you are experiencing sexual pleasure in your ears. Sex is a beautiful expression, and the pleasure can be unforgettable if the right spots are stimulated. Well, this book arouses the sexual literary spots of your ears and mind and makes you want to have sex. Sex Right Now! is a book that brings heat to dormant feelings and arouses one to find that partner that helps them reach a climax beyond this world, or entice sexual self-gratification beyond imagination.

Many books take a listener through stories, long and unnecessary prose to arouse their minds with love. However, this book is unlike any other book, for it begins with a woman sharing her intimate side with you, while other characters take you through a ride where orgasms are in reach. Many people love spontaneous sex, and after listening to this book, you will also have overdue orgasms!
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Sex Right Now! Orgasm Overdue!: The Fantastic Way to Feel Pleasure
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