Renee Dahlia

Show Off

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From casual hook up ... to something more?

Burlesque dancer Charlie Kent should be happy performing and hooking up with sexy people now that the pandemic is over, just like before. But now it feels empty. The audience always seems to be missing Elle - her friend-with-benefits. They were just casual, but Charlie now realises she wants more. Much more. But when Elle arrives at Seraph’s Burlesque Club on business, Charlie is not going to let this second chance go to waste.

Elle’s interior design business has been booming since the pandemic with so much work she’s barely thought of the sexy-as-sin burlesque dancer who she used to hook up with.... except when she’s lonely all night. But she can’t be just friends anymore, so she stays away. When she is commissioned to refit Seraph's Burlesque Club, Elle bumps into Charlie, and all her best intentions go straight out of the perfectly dressed window.

Elle must keep her professional reputation intact, and can’t allow her attraction to Charlie to derail her work and her need for love.... But what if she can have it all?

‘Show Off’ is the second installment in the "Seraph’s Burlesque Club" series following ‘Show Up’ – a series of lesbian romances set in a London burlesque club.

Perfect for readers who love a steamy read with friends (with benefits) to lovers plot. If you love reading about a found family with queer people who thrive, this series has that and more.

Trigger warnings – Please note that this book contains mentions of the following:
-tReferences to the pandemic - as the book is set in a post-COVID London where everyone is vaccinated
-tReferences to a character having covid
-tParental fat shaming of a main character
-tParental manipulation
-tA broken arm

A writer of Sassy Daring Romance, Renée Dahlia is an unabashed romance reader who loves feisty women and strong & clever men. Her books reflect this, with a hint of awkward humour.
Renée has a science degree in physics. When not distracted by the characters fighting for her, she works in the horseracing industry doing data analysis and writing magazine articles.
When she isn’t reading or writing, Renée spends her time with her partner and four children, usually watching them play cricket.
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