Tom Fowler

The Low Road

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Even hundreds of miles from Baltimore . . .

Deadly trouble still finds John Tyler.

Thanks to his daughter’s encouragement, retired soldier John Tyler attends a classic car convention in another state. Lexi tags along for moral and technical support.

When Tyler is jailed for a bogus vehicular violation, the weekend gets off to a terrible start.

Then, his captors learn who he is . . . and what he’s done.

After he deals with the men sent to kill him, Tyler tries to figure out what’s going on and who wants him dead. He learns some shocking truths about the town where he’s imprisoned and its power brokers. They’ll do anything to keep their corrupt business going.

And Tyler will do anything to stop them and keep his daughter safe.

It’s a collision course, and despite his captors’ best efforts, John Tyler is in the driver’s seat. Can he keep Lexi safe and take down a criminal organization before he becomes another body in the town graveyard?

The Low Road is the action-packed sixth novel in the John Tyler military thriller series. Each book is a standalone story.
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