H.R. Kemp

Deadly Secrets

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A suspicious death. A dark web of deceit. Will she risk everything for the truth?
The sudden death of her refugee friend sets off a chain of events that will change Shelley’s quiet life forever. Her burning desire for the truth uncovers a web of conspiracy, danger, and corruption that reaches all the way to the top.
Shelley is reluctant to jeopardize her safe career and comfortable life, but it soon becomes clear that she will have to break rules and risk everything to uncover the truth.
Can ordinary people really make a difference in a world where powerful forces hold all the cards?
Listen to Deadly Secrets to find out.
Goodreads: "Intelligent, gripping thriller" "page-turning" "A powerful story about powerful themes".
Reader's Favourite 5-star review "… impressive writing, energetic dialogue, a searing plot, and current concerns we can relate to like immigration and the environment. Some of the characters you will like--others you will not like. But that's what makes the novel so entertaining. For a page-turning conspiracy thriller, seize your copy of Deadly Secrets by H.R. Kemp today."
Editorial Reviews;
A Complex, Comprehensive Thrill Ride with Sharp Social Observation. This intricate socio-political thriller takes the reader through a mind-spinning myriad of mystery and intrigue while generating a delicious pallet of both likable and detestable characters. Greg McLaughlin (author of Third Party, Second Coming, and more)
... an intense page-turner...The twists and turns of the plot keep us fearing and rooting for characters we have come to care about...a thrilling, twisting thriller with engaging, unforgettable characters. Matthew Arnold Stern (author of Amiga, and The Remainders)
H.R. Kemp
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