Aimee Easterling

Wolf's Choice

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A bad spirit, a bad shifter, and a bad situation.
I'm Kami: tool spirit, former villain, and wannabe good guy. I have a human body now, which helps me understand why my mate Jack sacrifices himself for those he loves, taking the evil spirit Ambrose into his flesh so I can lead him away at gunpoint.
I understand, but I'm ill-equipped to deal with the aftermath, especially once Ambrose turns the tables and captures me. To make matters worse, someone is trying to harm young shifters and Ambrose is tapped to hunt the culprit. My captor's greedy grin suggests he's actually more interested in partaking of the spoils himself.
I have to find a way to free Jack before anyone else gets hurt and my mate is twisted beyond recognition. But can I be the hero Jack thinks I am when my own past is equally dark?
Wolf's Choice is a thrilling blend of swashbuckling urban fantasy, redemption arcs, and enemies-to-lovers romance. Don't miss this heart-pounding conclusion to the Time Bites series.
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