Harita Patel

Choose Your Vibe

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Who do you want to be? Most people think they are born with a certain personality or set of traits and then stick with it for life. But humans often evolve and change over the course of their lives. What sets off these positive changes is often an ability to become aware of the small choices you make throughout your day and for the rest of your life.

This program has been designed to help you evolve and choose the path you truly desire.

This program can help you:

Develop inner peace
Become more present
Choose your vibe

The audiobook includes:

Chapters one to three: three meditation sessions. Listen with your eyes closed.
Chapters four to seven: powerful affirmations. Listen during any part of the day or evening.

Don’t let life just happen to you; seize the moment and know who you really want to be. You have the power to become that person.
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