D.V. Berkom

The Last Deception

Ready to stay up all night? Everybody's favorite assassin is back with a vengeance in this high-octane can't-put-it-down espionage thriller.
Espionage. Deception. A nation on the brink of war....
Just when former assassin Leine Basso thinks she’s free from the business of murder and deception, a desperate call from a friend drags her back into the dark world of espionage and arms dealers.
"Another sure-fire winner in a spectacular series." (Tim Tigner, international bestselling author)
"D.V. Berkom has created one kick-ass heroine in Leine Basso - a woman who can do it all in the dog-kill-dog world of international espionage." (J. Carson Black, New York Times bestselling author)
"Warning: once started, The Last Deception is difficult to put down.... [T]he globe-trotting Leine uncovers acts of international espionage that lead her on a desperate hunt for an elusive spy that could bring down the world." (Midwest Book Review)
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