K.J. Joyner

There's Nothing Romantic About Washing the Dishes

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A collection of short stories inspired by real life. Most represent a mundane side from science-fiction and fantasy writer Katrina Joyner that people don't get to see often.
"Silver" - Redemption can come in many forms, depending on how you find it and where you look.
"Over It" - Sometimes, when faced with your evil stepmother, leaving bread crumbs on the trail is not enough.
"Ghost in the Water" - When water spirits need rescue, heroes come in many shapes and sizes. A rare Native American point of view for the author.
"The Glass of Cappuccino" - Your fairy godmother may be closer than you think, and her motives may not be so easy to understand.
"For Fear of Breaking Hearts" - Fear can shatter worlds - and hearts.
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