Jennifer Grey

Girl in a Car Vol. 3

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Abby is a Girl in a Car, with no desire to settle down, and every desire to find sexual adventure in a different place every few days. She is down for just about anything, and loves new experiences. Her voracious sexual appetite and perky friendliness take her to places and encounters beyond her dreams. The adventure never stops for the Girl in a Car.
There is never a dull moment in Abby’s life. In this new adventure, she wakes up at Johns Hopkins hospital in the care of a sexy nurse and her doctor boyfriend, who give her a thorough looking-over with bedroom eyes. Her car totaled, she winds up at their sumptuous urban mansion being initiated into an experience she had only dreamed about. Abby had never been with another woman, much less with a man at the same time! This is a sensual tale of adults playing doctor. And here’s a spoiler --- everybody wins the game!
Narrator Rigby Reardon's super-sexy, muscular voice has voiced romance and erotica audiobooks for L. Wilder, Heather Slade, Hayden Ash, and others. He has also narrated numerous other Jennifer Grey books including: Cybersex Monday, The Spy Who Laid Me, First Time with Sheriff Daddy, and Virgin Butt Ranch.
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