Steven West

Memory Techniques for Language Learning: Accelerate the Language Learning Process

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Memory Techniques for Language Learning is a detailed explanation of how memorization techniques can be used in the study of foreign languages. The advantages of learning a foreign language are explored, including the effect it has on brain health. These techniques help people remember what they are learning and how they can maximize the information that is retained in their memory.
Another chapter explores how learning occurs and how it impacts memory. Learning styles are discussed, and the listener gains an insight on how to make sure that what is learned is easily recalled.
Remaining chapters offer information and examples of memorization methods to make learning a foreign language more effortless.
When you download this audiobook today, you’ll also learn:
How to identify your learning style
How the five senses and life experiences affect memory
Mnemonic devices in foreign language study and how to use them
Word associations
How to stay motivated
Using popular culture to supplement memorization
Much, much more!
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