S.C. Mitchell

Daughter of Darkness

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Can darkness and light unite to save Asgaard? Unleash the power of the night in book 3 of the Heavenly War series!Witness the epic struggle as darkness and light unite to save Asgaard from annihilation.
Nott, hidden amidst the ruins of a shattered heaven, toils relentlessly to aid the embattled mortals of Midgaard. In the realm of night, darkness is her ally. But the war reaches her doorstep, and her grandfather, the enigmatic Loki, calls for her allegiance in his bid to conquer Asgaard.
Tyr, haunted by visions of the night goddess for a millennium, now seizes his one chance to reconnect with the woman who once walked away from Asgaard—a woman who’d eluded him for a thousand years. Yet, Nott's ties to a dark lineage threaten to place her on the opposing side of the celestial conflict that blazes across the heavens.
Enjoy an enthralling tale that merges mythology, magic, and destiny in the ultimate clash of gods as they shape the fate of Asgaard and the entire world.
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