P.A. Wilson

A Need To Breathe

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Near-anarchy. Stifling oppression. But with the help of a few, can she triumph and survive?
Lena Custordin fears life will never be beautiful again. With infrastructure failing and gangs ravaging the streets in the wake of a devastating plague, the heartsick teacher despairs for any meaningful future. So with her husband politically attached to the authoritarian ruling powers and her home little more than a prison, Lena secretly plans a daring dash for a new haven in the country.
Unequipped to make the perilous journey by herself, the determined woman covertly recruits others to join her quest. But the danger she and her companions leave behind pales in comparison to the threats awaiting them on the open road.
Is Lena about to lead her unprepared team of fugitives into a fate worse than death?
A Need to Breathe is the exhilarating first book in the Rebuilding Hope post-apocalyptic series. If you like strong heroines, dark settings, and relentless pursuits of victory, then you’ll love P A Wilson’s exploration of optimism.

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