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Major Destry

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I'm not the falling in love kind.
Actually, I'm pretty fond of my personal space, but then I go on an extended business trip, and hell if the guys haven't put the new IT girl up in my office. I don't care if it's big enough for two desks, I like having the place to myself, no matter how hot she is.
The guys don't stop there. Next job that comes up, Jade's on duty with me, searching a client's high-end security system for the cause of a breech.
The guy's daughter is a pain in my much too old… rear end, but I find rescue in an unlikely ally as Jade pushes aside my surly treatment and claims me, putting a stop to the unwanted advances for now. But, the side effect of her ruse has me in her bed, if only for one night.
Major Destry is a short 10k word story. A quickie for when you don't have much time. It features a soldier and a damsel who both need saving. There will be some trials, and there will be an HEA.
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