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Beijing In 72 Hours: Maximize Your Layover With Our 3 Day Plan

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Beijing in 72 Hours is designed for travelers to get the best knowledge on the capital of China.
Beijing is one of the largest cities in the world and it is impossible to see everything in 72 hours. Where do you go first? What do you want to see and do the most? Walk along the Great Wall of China, explore the Forbidden City, wander through the hutongs, or take a boat trip on Lake Kunming at the Summer Palace? With so much to see and do, what do you do?
This book is designed to help you with your dilemma. It first takes you through the process of understanding and applying for the invaluable 72-hour visa-free transit policy and the rules surrounding it.
Learn more about the top attractions in the city, from the glorious Forbidden City, the iconic Tienanmen Square or the graceful Summer Palace where the Qing Emperors would spend the summer months to escape the oppressive heat, the Temple of Heaven, the various shopping districts, and many more!
Some of the things you will learn:
How to apply for the 72-hour visa-free transit policy for Beijing, which is different from other Chinese cities!
Learn more about the attractions and sites in Beijing, including their history, architecture, and what makes them so special
Understand the local cuisine and the various snacks, beverages, and dishes that makes dining so unique
Discover the best places to shop, with sections on the main shopping districts
Discover several itineraries you can follow which offers the best attractions to explore in different areas of Beijing
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