Ben Tallon


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YA MUM is a rancid collection of short stories, moments and embarrassments from Britain’s cultural underbelly.
Whilst hordes of tourists take selfies in front of Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral, a used condom is strewn lifelessly on the chewing gum infested pavement. Another spent mattress materialises overnight by the communal bins of a slumbering high-rise apartment block and the skeleton of a bike without wheels cries out for its owner.
Ben Tallon invites you to take a naughty peek through the two-way mirror, onto all things dubious and dirty at the arse-end of British life.
Described by Happy Mondays and Black Grape frontman Shaun Ryder as 'Proper moody and horrible stuff,' this anthology of 21 tales of the human condition, growing up, morbid fascination and suburban conflict unsettles and encourages deeper consideration of the unexplored in equal measure.
A cocktail of black comedy and considered observation of the unpolished aspects of British streets, this book pulls no punches.
Writer Nick Asbury says of the author: "Ben writes like he draws: vivid, instinctive and intense. He lands the reader straight in the story and marches you through a cityscape that is simultaneously humdrum and horrific. All told in big, confident splodges of prose that stick in the mind."
Audiobook produced by Freshly Squeezed Audio.
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