Sleep Talk Down Guided Meditation

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This guided meditation/hypnosis sleep story will take you on a deep therapeutic and relaxing journey where you discover the true nature of reality.
This is also a self-love and healing journey for remembering your true self.
After listening to this meditation, you will have a whole new perspective of your world, your reality. You will start to live a magical life. You will experience first hand
how easy and effortless life actually is. It is a playful, easy and fun world. This universe is your playground.
Listen to my soothing voice and this beautiful relaxing meditation background music with piano and stringed instruments.

What is the language of the universe? How does it communicate? You have trillions of cells in your body. How do they communicate? They must speak to each other if they live in one body. Otherwise, you'll just be a blob of something.
But you are a whole being, a harmonic being, one being. Like watching a flock of birds who fly as one mind, one being. Or hundreds of fishes in the ocean swimming in a perfect orchestra. Or ants building their homes and taking care of it, moving in perfect harmony. What is that secret language? What is the one and only language we all use to communicate?
It is vibration. It is frequency. But, from where does the vibration comes?
It comes from you. From the one who is watching. By watching the images in your consciousness one by one, you create the illusion of movement, animation, and time.
This is how you breathe life into still images; you animate them.
Because you are the only creator in your reality ultimately.
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