Elroy Spoonface Powell aka Spoon The Voice Guy

Affirmations for Positivity, Self-Love and Confidence

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These affirmations are great as part of your personal mindfulness practice, to read before bed, first thing in the morning, on a break, at the park, beach, in the garden or any time you need a daily dose of inspiration! 

The paperback also makes a great coffee table piece!

They are derived from the popular audio series on Insight Timer and Youtube from Elroy ‘Spoonface’ Powell, Spoon The Voice Guy.

Join the private Ready For Dreams group or connect with Spoon to have him create or read your affirmations for you.

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By listening to or reading these affirmations, we are bombarding our subconscious minds with powerful, positive, statements that will lean us towards our goals automatically. 

By listening or reading these affirmations over and over, we are actually rewiring our minds to achieve more self-love, confidence and inner peace right now!

To increase the power of this reprogramming process, check out our audiobook so you can listen to these affirmations whenever you need!  Take them anywhere you go. On your commute, at the park, beach, before bed, or whenever you want to flood your mind with positivity!  You can even use them to drown out negative thought patterns and get your mind thinking the way you want it to think.

To get all of these affirmations right now, click the "buy now" button and start the reprogramming process right away!
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