Jwyan C. Johnson

Mic Drop

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All rise in the courtroom for a cozy whodunit murder mystery, a case the media calls The Mic Drop. Controversial rap star Flex switches lawyers for courtroom war king Miles Turner, and The Jury Whisperer, to beat this all-or-nothing charge.
Judge Mintall presides in a whodunit range from Flex to premeditated rap rival Second Degree, from The Shenanigans to a political dilemma known as a Rebellious Shadow, the Clue Queen herself, and an unusual delivery service for couples breaking up!
With an extra bet, and a unique plea deal offer, can an equally matched prosecutor rhyme “guilty” with “he’ll be?” Or will this criminal defense firm, compared to ‘a street fight on a chessboard,’ once again prevail with an unorthodox lawyer’s audacity to manipulate manipulation itself?
“When awareness wins, we don’t have to lose each other” – Jwyan C. Johnson
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