Herbert Wells

A Modern Utopia (Annotated)

This books has both the elements of fiction and non-fiction with Human Science, Philosophy and Science Fiction elements.
This is the Annotated and Summarized version of the original book. This annotated and summarized version consists of 57000 words which is 55% to 65% of the total book. The Brief Description of the Book is written as follows.
The Utopian Planet differs from earth in that the inhabitants have created a perfect society. Two men, the narrator and his colleague (a botanist), visit this parallel planet and argue over its merits and defects. Utopia is a world in which the problems of humanity have been solved.
The novel is best known for its notion that a voluntary order of nobility known as the Samurai could effectively rule a "kinetic and not static" world state. so as to solve "the problem of combining progress with political stability"
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