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Bad Husband

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I never wanted to like f*ing her.
Carter Maxim has spent more than twenty years plotting his vengeance.
Two people ruined his father's life and left Carter an orphan. His ex-stepmother and her new husband. He'll take everything from them.
He's ruined their business and owns their home. There's only one last move to make. He wants to take a wife from the family to replace the one who left years ago.
Their daughter, shy and innocent college student Emily, will do nicely as the sacrificial lamb for the Kisadda family. He might not have much in common with his bookworm, robotics-major blackmailed bride, but bending her to his will is almost as sweet as his retribution.
Bad Husband is a 22k stand alone HEA novella. A short read for an afternoon of fun romance with a bad boy alphahole who sees the light, some forceful action she loves, a wealthy billionaire, a little bondage and deception, and a woman who can't resist a firm hand.
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