J.R.,Eli Taff

Flashes of Fire and Fortune

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Book 7 in the Saga of Sir Bryan

In this Dark Fantasy collection of flash fiction stories, Sir Bryan embarks on the months-long journey from Pelastrios City to Starlight Monastery.

Along for the ride are the adventurous Bagwood Blighters: Pelastios orphans who were drawn to Sir Bryan's goodness and nobility. As a precaution, Sir Bryan has employed a number of mercenary companies to assist in escorting his young charges safely, including Captain Caecilia Sidonia, who may have a deeper connection to Sir Bryan than either of them realize.

Action and adventure abound in this fantastical journey of wondrous magic and exhilarating combat.

This collection is comprised of 10 dark fantasy flash fiction stories. Each story is exactly 500 words in length.
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