Everly Stone

Savage Flaws

Caitlin is everything I never knew I needed, the only good thing left in my world.
But what we've done is more than simply reckless, more than stealing from the rich to help the poor. It's become darker and more dangerous than even I was prepared for. If I really love her, I'll walk away and stay the hell out of her life.
But I can't.
I may be the only one that can save her from the evil that's watching her, waiting to take her and play the ugly, twisted games I know he's played before.
I'm still a bad guy. Only now, I have something oh-so-precious to lose. Now, there's no limit to the lengths I'll go, the things I do, to keep her with me, to keep her safe.
NOTE: This is the second book in the Broken and Jagged trilogy, to be read after Jagged Sins. Previously titled A Love So Deadly. Same volatile, heartbreaking story, just with a fresh makeover.

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