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If you want to be more present and live Life fully, then keep reading!
Life goes fast and we often find ourselves conducting a distracted existence. Days go by quick and it is difficult to create long lasting memories, when distractions are everywhere. Especially in these day and age, where there are plenty of possibilities for our mind to go down rabbit holes way deeper than the one of Alice, it seems more and more difficult for people to stop and enjoy the present moment.
We find ourselves living in the past or in the future, but rarely in what is happening right this now. Probably you have already been distracted at least a couple of times since you started reading this description, which tells a lot about your state of awareness.
But what if there was a way to train the mind to become present? What if self awareness could be developed over time?
Well, actually there is and it is called mindfulness. Mindfulness is a set of techniques that help people to focus more on what there is right here, right now, allowing them to conduct a happier and more fulfilling life.
Inside this book you will discover some of these techniques, along other valuable aspects of mindfulness including:
The one practice that can help you ground yourself in just 40 minutesWhat mindfulness really is – hint: it is not what you might have read on the internetThe single exercise you can do at any time to feel more present and self aware, even if you have never meditated beforeThe secret technique used by Eastern monks to increase self awareness and self esteem and how you can apply it in your daily lifeIf you want to learn more and start being more mindful today, then scroll up and click the Buy Now button!
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