Tony West,Annie Winters

The Vigilante's Lover #2

If this is what it's like to be a captive, Mia wants to be a prisoner forever.
This is the second volume of the addictive four-part romantic suspense series, The Vigilantes, from the desk of USA Today best-selling author Annie Winters and suspense writer Tony West.
Jax may have kidnapped her. But now Mia wants to stay.
The man is skilled, intelligent, and gorgeous. His life is dangerous and wild. Mia's ready to do whatever it takes to avoid getting sent back to her small-town life.
Jax has other ideas. He can't afford an untrained civilian tagging along on his plot to get revenge. He's a fugitive, and a powerful organization wants him dead. Nothing since his prison escape has gone according to plan, including his attachment to this over-zealous beauty who keeps surprising him with her cleverness and courage.
He can't keep her. It's dangerous. And she doesn't have any clue what she's getting into.
But Mia is nothing if not determined, and when they find themselves alone in an abandoned barn, Jax gives her one chance to prove herself.
There's one thing she must do, without question or hesitation.
If she says yes, there is no going back.
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