Everly Stone

Jagged Sins

CAITLIN: I'm the only person who cared enough to stick around and raise my little brothers and niece, the only one fighting to keep us together. Never once did I imagine anyone coming to our rescue, let alone a guy like Gabe. He's dangerous. Not just with this risky Robin Hood mission of his, but with the way he somehow gets past all my defenses...
GABE: I'm not a good guy. Even if the bad things I do help good people.
The only reason I'm back in town is to right my father's wrongs. My hunt for justice is the only thing I give a damn about. Until I meet Caitlin...
I don't believe in love, never have.
But something about this sweet, damaged girl makes me wish I did...
NOTE: This is the first book in the Broken and Jagged trilogy. Previously titled A Love So Dangerous. Same dark, dirty, adrenaline-fueled story, just with a fresh makeover.
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