Lilac Mills

Make Do and Mend at Applewell

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Can their marriage be mended in time for Christmas?

Lottie has always been thrifty. As a mother of three, it's even more important that she stretches the household budget as far as possible. Luckily, Lottie’s penchant for taking broken items and upcycling them has worked wonders for living on a shoestring.

Henry can’t face telling Lottie he’s been made redundant. Instead, he pretends to go to work as usual while frantically job hunting. The race is on to find another role before Lottie discovers he’s another useless item for her collection – one that is beyond repair.

Christmas is a time for giving, but will Lottie give Henry another chance if she learns about his lies? And can Henry give Lottie and their kids the life he so desperately wants them to have?

A wonderfully warm and lighthearted married romance for fans of Holly Martin and Phillipa Ashley.

Welcome to Applewell, an English village where love blooms amid rolling hills and cosy cottages. Each book in this heartwarming series introduces you to unforgettable characters navigating life's ups and downs, all while finding love when they least expect it. From unexpected reunions to destined romances, Applewell is a place of second chances and new beginnings. Perfect for fans of uplifting, cosy contemporary romances, especially those who love Holly Martin and Portia MacIntosh.

Lilac Mills is the bestselling author of uplifting, feel-good romance, such as the "Tanglewood Village" series.
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