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Yoga For Beginners: 10 Super Easy Poses To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

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Yoga For Beginners: 10 Super Easy Poses To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

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Ask yourself:

- Do you worry a lot?

- Are you having trouble falling asleep?

- Have you recently snapped at someone over something small, like not doing the dishes?

Did you answer one or more of these questions with yes? Then it is likely that you have been under too much stress for too long.

I have good news for you though: You can take back control of your life.

I should know.

I have personally experimented with many different techniques to reduce stress. And yoga is unique in that it combines physical exercise with a mental awareness. And this is crucial if you want to reduce stress.

I was so inspired that I wanted to learn everything I could about how it works: I have almost 1,000 hours of different Yoga Teacher Trainings under my belt. I learned how yoga and meditation can calm the mind and body, AND end stress and anxiety like no other form of exercises. Now I want to share my experience and the knowledge I have gained with you. So I can help you improve the quality of life!

Here’s what I want you to do:

Read this book. Practice the yoga poses. And end your stress!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

- Ten Simple And Easy Yoga Poses to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

- What Stress Is

- Why Your Perception of Stress is so Important

- What Yoga Really is

- How Doing Yoga Can Reduce Stress

- That Yoga is For EVERYBODY: Men, Women, Kids. All Can Benefit!

- Why Yoga Differs From Other Types of Exercise in Reducing Stress and Anxiety

- How to Meditate

- And Much More Valuable Content!


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Dr. Dean Ornish said it wonderfully in the documentary ‘Yoga Unveiled’:

“Yoga doesn’t bring you a sense of peace, health or well-being. It’s not like taking valium. Rather, it helps you quiet down your mind and body. So you can experience what your true nature is, which is to be peaceful until we disturb it.”

Take back control of your life and happiness: start learning how you can end stress and anxiety for good with these easy yoga poses anyone can do!

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