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Inner Peace: A Meditation and Subliminal Affirmations Collection for Increased Inner Peace and Love

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It’s important to be able to turn inward and find your own haven of calm. Even when anxious thoughts bombard your brain, you can more easily find mental clarity and regain control of the situation. Through daily practice, you can learn to keep stress at bay and immediately sink into relaxation.

This collection has been designed to bring you a sense of inner peace wherever you are in your day.

This collection can help you:

• Reduce anxiety instantly
• Relieve stress
• Feel more relaxed
• Naturally feel more at peace
• Increase your positive emotions

The audiobook includes:

• Chapter 1: Meditation
• Chapters 2 to 3: Daytime Affirmations
• Chapters 4 to 13: Subliminal Affirmations

Calm yourself down instantly and leave your worries behind you. Build a cocoon of tranquility around you when you most need it through the power of meditation and affirmations.
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