Reigo Vilbiks

Guided Meditation Story For Manifesting Your Dreams

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Welcome to this sleep meditation talk. Here, I am going to talk about the manifestation and law of attraction while you are falling into your sweet sleep.
This is a deep sleep meditation journey into creation. How you, as a creator manifest reality. Just relax and enjoy this hypnotic and therapeutic sleep talk down.
The meditation music on the background is made with Tibetan bowls. They create natural binaural beats that train your brain frequencies and relax your subconscious mind.
Here, you will learn how to create your desired reality and how universe works. In this sleep hypnosis, you learn how to use law of attraction to manifest everything you desire.
A conscious creator never goes out to the world without a clear vision. Never just to see what's out there. Out there is every possibility you can imagine. Out there is a jungle of experiences. You are the organizer of the energies. Your vision that turns into feeling will create your future experiences. The conscious creator knows what to expect because he already created the experience before even physically going into it. This is you, you are and will be the master of your reality, master of your dreams.

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