Mark Tullius

Twisted Reunion

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Plunge deep into disturbing darkness with 28 terrifying tales. Explore heartache, fleeting happiness, and horror in this fascinating collection.

Experience chills as you read these creepy stories and more:
A pornographer's horrific early morning ritual
A beautiful baby boy who knows what he wants
An engineer sees life on the other side of the tracks
A drug run goes awry
A family's unique Christmas tradition
An artist whose paintings become reality
A man who longs to rid himself of an annoying companion
A child terrified by things that slither and ooze in the night
Come join a soldier on the run in the jungle
An old man's quest for the perfect photo
A woman who sniffs out killers
A life coach whose own brand of “therapy” goes way beyond cruel and unusual
A young man who can't let go of the past

Twisted Reunion is loved by editorial reviewers:
"Time-honored frights with innovation infused throughout." - Kirkus Reviews 

"Disturbing and weird; unflinchingly grim at every turn, TWISTED REUNION shocks and even charms." - IndieReader

Even though this was way out of my normal reading genre I loved it! This is a fantastic and thought provoking collection of short stories that surprised me at every turn. Mostly dark horror stories, but all of the stories are a vehicle for Mark Tullius to showcase his skill at writing and bringing his imagination to life. - Thomas Anderson, The Hungry Monster Book Review
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