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Iqhawe Lobugebengu The Crime Fighters

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Themba was a young Zulu boy who was in grade 9. He lived in a multi-cultured neighborhood in Johannesburg. Themba was a natural leader from the very first day that he attended school.
Because of the high crime rate in South Africa, Themba was determined to do everything possible within his power to try to fight off the paralyzing phenomenon of “crime” in South Africa. He wanted the future children of South Africa to experience life in safety, peace and harmony in the beautiful country of South Africa, without having to experience such a high crime rate. In spite of the collapse of the Rainbow Nation Dream of Nelson Mandela, Themba still firmly believed that Madiba’s dream is achievable. He was certain that it could ultimately materialize, but then crime had to go because the high crime rate was causing a feeling of insecurity among the people in the neighborhood.
Naturally, because Themba was living with his parents, he didn’t want to do anything that would hurt their feelings. His parents would probably not be happy about him trying to fight crime because of the dangers that were involved. Therefore, Themba decided to keep his crime fighting initiative a secret. He started a crime-fighting group. I'm sure you'll enjoy this crime fighter series.
This audiobook consist of series of seven short stories. This titles is available in major online book stores and libraries.
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