Reigo Vilbiks

Manifest Abundance Now

This is a very powerful deep meditation that will change your life forever! It changes your subconscious thought patterns to a more harmonic frequency so that the law of attraction can work on full power. This harmonic frequency is the frequency of abundance, health, wealth, prosperity, happiness, and joy. Listen to this therapeutic hypnosis every day for a greater effect. It takes about 21 days to change your thought patterns completely. Use the power of affirmations in spoken voice, relaxing meditation music, and sleep to speed up that process. This also changes your brainwaves to a more relaxing state so you can receive higher energies. Unlock The Unlimited Power of Your Mind Today!
I am going to speak out powerful affirmations throughout this meditation. You can repeat these affirmations after me, out loud with your unique voice. That will create a feedback loop and start to resonate in your body and mind. It will manifest your reality. Whatever you vibrate is coming back to you tenfolds. To make it simple, if you want to change your life, start telling a different story about your life. Change the story, change your life.
This amplifies thousands of times if you listen to the affirmations before going to sleep. Or even better while you sleep. This programs your body-mind to a new, more harmonious reality. While you sleep, you let go of resistance and just allow the new vibrations in. Allow your body and mind to heal and harmonize.
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