Martin Lundqvist

The Coldvir-20 Killer

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When the estranged 95-year-old grandmother of the radical loser Nathan Mortimer dies from the hyped Cold Virus 20, Nathan snaps. Filled with misguided anger, he decides to become a serial killer and murder young people infected with the virus in his home suburb of Brunswick, to make sure that everyone takes the virus seriously.
Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed Supreme Leader of Melbourne, State Premier Danielle Anders is facing problems with her plan to convert the state into a CCP inspired police state. The press is questioning the mortality figures released by her discredited Chief Medical Officer "Professor" Button. To achieve her goals, Danielle needs young people to die from the virus.
When Nathan begins his killing spree, things are looking bright for Danielle's ambitions. Will anything save the Melbournians from this double threat?
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