Lisa Jackson,Graham Williams

Travel Seekness

Would you risk deportation by illegally teaching English (with a fake American accent) just so you could scrape together the money to travel? And would you even want to roam the world for eight months on a budget so minuscule that you were forced to use paperbacks as loo roll and boil your own drinking water?
Lisa and her husband Graham did both. Their hilarious trip saw them buying snacks from ‘voodoo vendors’ in Taiwan, almost drowning off a Philippine beach, stumbling across ‘death porn’ in Thailand and meeting The Bogeyman in a Pushkar restaurant.
While abroad they contracted a serious case of travel seekness – an irresistible urge to go in search of places to be, people to see and strange stuff to eat – which compelled them to do World Heritage Shites in Egypt, evade Guinness-swigging swingers in a Dublin pub and fly to Cuba with a suspected terrorist.
Written in a chemo ward following a devastating cancer diagnosis, and completed during the CV-19 lockdown, Travel Seekness is both a hair-raising litany of messes, misadventures and misfortunes and a poignant story capturing Lisa and Graham’s love for travel and, ultimately, each other.
If you enjoy the witty, observational humour of David Sedaris and Bill Bryson, you’ll love this unforgettable book by Graham Williams and Lisa Jackson, the best-selling author of Running Made Easy and the award-winning Your Pace or Mine?
Travel Seekness offers all the fun of travelling abroad – with none of the bed bugs!
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