Scott Medbury

Storm Clouds

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Get ready for the most thrilling, action-packed America Falls installment yet...
Luke begins his trek back to Manchester with the latest bunch of ‘recruits’ for the cities. He is strangely impressed by the ‘old’ man, Ragland, who, after proving he is not a threat asks if he can travel south with them.
Meanwhile, back in Manchester, a group of children have gone missing after a day out exploring. Isaac, Indigo and the other parents are frantic with worry and with every hour that passes, the more convinced Isaac becomes that its not just a case of them being lost in the woods.
His son’s torn and bloody jacket found in a trampled clearing confirms his worst suspicions. Based on the signs in the clearing, they were taken by a large, well-organized group whose intentions can only be bad.
Isaac rushes to prepare a rescue party, knowing time is of the essence if they are to find the abductors and save the children.
As events converge like a runaway train - will Luke and his new friend arrive in time to help rescue the children, or will they be left to pick up the bloody pieces…
Find out in the latest heart stopping America Falls adventure!
Adam Barr
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