Owen Jones

Megan And The Burglar-A Spirit Guide, A Ghost Tiger And One Scary Mother!

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In Megan and the Burglar, Megan’s house is burgled while they are out enjoying a summer’s picnic. Suzanne is devastated to discover that some of her jewellery was part of the stolen items, so Megan sets out to use her psychic powers to find out who the thief was, and recover her mother’s things. However, she has no idea how to start such an investigation or what she will do if she is successful.
The Psychic Megan Series consists of twenty-three novelettes about a young girl's growing realisation that she is able to do things that none of her family can. Megan is twelve years old in the first volume. She has two seemingly insurmountable problems. Her mother is frightened of her daughter's latent abilities and not only will not help her but actively discourages her; and she can’t find a teacher to help her develop her supernatural, psychic powers. For she wants not only to know what it is possible to do and how to do it, but to what end she should put her special abilities. Megan is a good girl, so it would seem obvious that she would tend towards using her powers for good, but it is not always easy to do the right thing even if you know what that is.

These stories about Megan will appeal to anyone who has an interest in psychic powers, the supernatural and the paranormal and is between the ages of ten and a hundred years old.

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