Gabi Plumm

Teapots 3. Hideaway House

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Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the kitchen, a fatal accident leads five survivors to the doors of the newly appointment Aged Care Facility, Hideaway House, where Joan Holloway-Potts-Jones rules the roost much to the irritation of some of the residents.

When a Category 5 Cyclone compounds the problem, all hands are called to prepare the Home for the blast. But cyclones are not predictable and all the preparation in the world could not prepare them for the worst.

Survivors now of two catastrophes must make decisions. Back to Rosehill where Joan, Teri and Dave had left under a cloud?

What else can they do?

The newcomers accompany them to the also-cyclone-battered Rosehill where Frank is left alone to the mercy of Joan's attention.

How will he get out of it this time?

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