Jonathan Yanez

Devil May Care

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This line of work is slowly taking his humanity. And all that he holds dearest may be at a greater risk still.
Because a crueler evil waits in the wings.

Jonny and Hunters for Hire are quickly making a name for themselves in the monster-hunting world.
Life is good but all good things must come to an end. Frankie is about to get a call she feared was coming. This call alters the trajectory of her already tenuous relationship with Jonny.
In the meantime, the Court procures Hunters for Hire's services to investigate how the Sphere, the psychiatric hospital/prison for the supernatural, was infiltrated and who helped the lunatic Dr. Frankenstein escape.
Twenty thousand leagues under the sea, time is running out. Shannon Van Helsing's greatest fears are realized and the team must strike a deal with the devil himself, Rasputin, to return to their own realm.
If this wasn't enough, Jonny uncovers more secrets as to what being a hybrid means to him and a foreboding warning from an Archangel about a war not coming, but already here.
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