Alicia Rades


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This vampire messed with the wrong girl.
I used to call myself a witch, shifter, and vampire slayer. Now I'm none of those things.
I thought I was doing the right thing by killing Valkas, the original vampire and eye of the storm. But I played right into Matias Vayne's hands. His magic is back, but he's taken the rest of ours in his plot to gain power and "purify" the world.
Innocent lives are on the line. I'll do anything to save them and restore our magic, but first I must face the most powerful man alive without any power of my own. It's an impossible mission, but I have to go through with it—or die trying.
New narration updated April, 2023.
The Vengeance and Vampires series comes to a thrilling conclusion in this dark, fast-paced urban fantasy audiobook featuring vampires, witches, and shifters. Experience the enchanting supernatural finale and order today!
Vengeance and Vampires series reading order:
Book 1: Ravenite
Book 2: Resilience
Book 3: Resolute
Book 4: Retribute
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