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Law of Attraction Wealth Hypnosis: Affirmations Guided Meditation for Success, to Manifest Wealth & More Money, Boost Confidence & Attract Abundance While You Sleep (Law of Attraction, New Age, Financial Success Sleep Series)

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Relax your mind and become a magnet to money!
A 1 Hour Meditation to Manifest More Wealth, Success, & Abundance into Your Life!
With this deep sleep hypnosis bundle accompanied by an ambient soundtrack designed to sink ideas of financial success deep into your mind...you can rebuild your world from the ground up, priming your mind to attract abundance, money, and wealth while you drift away into a deep slumber. With the carefully chosen background music and affirmation exercises, you can use this meditation to embrace an amazing sleep and even better morning each and every night!
This deep sleep money meditation will help you:
-Manifest Abundance
-Increase your Financial Success
-Prime Your Mind for Financial Abundance
-Understand why You Deserve More Money
-Achieve Anxiety Relief
-Practice Mindfulness
Don't wait - buy your copy today and welcome a new life full of financial abundance!
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