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Marie Antoinette

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Before the Reign of Terror, Marie Antoinette was the last queen of France. She was the penultimate kid and youngest daughter of Empress Maria Theresa and Emperor Francis I, and was born an archduchess of Austria. At the age of 14, she wed Louis-Auguste, the beneficiary evident to the French throne, and ended up being dauphine of France in May 1770. Her partner, Louis XVI, took the throne on May 10, 1774, and she ended up being queen.

After 8 years of marriage, Marie Antoinette's position at court enhanced when she started bearing kids. Nonetheless, she ended up being more out of favor amongst the people, with French "libelles" implicating her of being inefficient, promiscuous, holding compassions for France's perceived nemeses-- specifically her home Austria-- and having invalid kids. Her credibility was more tainted by the phony claims surrounding the Diamond Locket Affair. At the time of the Revolution, she was called Madame Déficit because of her elegant spending and enmity to Turgot and Necker's social and monetary reforms, which were blamed for the nation's monetary disaster.

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