K.A. Bachus

Brevet Wedge

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“I’ve never known Mack to make a threat he was not prepared to carry out,” I said carefully. “He doesn’t bluff.”
Frank Cardova provides logistic support for a highly effective team of deadly operatives known as Charlemagne, the premier freelance specialist team used by western governments for black operations conducted without fingerprints. Mack, the team’s knife-wielding leader, and his son Charlie arrive on Frank’s doorstep bringing chaos, terror and violence with them.
The last thing Frank ever wants to see is Louis, the volatile marksman of the team, anywhere near his home, let along sitting at the kitchen table drinking a martini meant for him and flirting with his wife. For Frank, the men of Charlemagne have become the ultimate houseguests from hell.
Mack offers Frank’s subordinate, Steve Donovan, a chance to join the team after the fallout of a recent disaster puts his young family at risk. As Frank watches Steve turn into a killer and his own wife and daughter discover what his thirty-year career has been all about, he helps the team save the lives of Steve’s family while dreading the danger to his own.
Brevet Wedge is the third book in K.A. Bachus’s unflinching Charlemagne Files series. Can Frank trust anyone in his immediate circle?
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