Victoria Hemdorff Schapiro

F*ck restrictions and your mom too

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19-year-old Victoria Schapiro takes us behind the scenes of a life with an eating disorder and her Generation Z struggles in this honest, raw, scary, yet hilarious memoir-slash-self-help book.

F*CK RESTRICTIONS – AND YOUR MOM TOO is a story about sex, exercise, addiction, independence, and hope; about how she was taken prisoner in her own life, and how she – finally – managed to escape.

I was 14 years old when I developed an eating disorder. Toxic relationships, hormonal overload, fake boobs on social media, and my mom's Botox obsession riddled me with anxiety, low self-esteem, and distress, which manifested into an eating disorder. This book reveals my journey – and the importance of speaking up about your struggles. I will take you from the first restriction to the years beyond, vividly portraying my battle with addiction and disordered eating.

Written with candor and humor, Victoria’s story is a heartfelt attack on one of the major problems in modern society: diet culture. Her wish is to ignite a belief in you, that you can do the same.

The book is published in an English and a Danish version, since Victoria wrote the original manuscript in English.

VICTORIA SCHAPIRO (2003) was born and raised in Copenhagen. Since 8th grade she has been struggling with a restrictive eating disorder, causing social isolation, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Thanks to professional treatment, Victoria is now happier than she has been in years.

Victoria is a graduate of Niels Brock International Business College. When she is not reading age-inappropriate enemies-to-lovers novels, she can be found in the gym, eating peanut butter, spending time with her family, watching “Shrek” for the 100th -something time or stand-up specials with her mom (they reconciled after the book).
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