Up Close & Dirty: 3D Erotic ASMR

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Even Gentlemen have a dirty side.
Immerse yourself in the 3D Erotic soundscapes of Irish audio author, Gaelforce where you can pick your lover for the evening.
Each track is a separate fantasy to explore, a new scenario to tickle your fancy and make your body tingle. Be a good girl following your Alpha's every command or take the reins yourself and show your lover what kind of power a woman like you has!
You're the star of the show. You are the object of his desire. All of the power is yours.
01 - Neighbourhood Watch
What's a little play time between neighbours?
02 - Your Alpha Girl Fire
I love to play with your fire after we fight...
03 - In Your Mouth
Make me shiver at the touch of your lips...
And beg for the touch of your tongue...
04 - Our Secret Affair
Just you And me in our secret little world...
05 - Rough & Sweet
You like it rough don't you my darling?
Sweet words in your ear while I pound you?
06 - Best Birthday Ever
I'm glad my birthday fell before I left for my trip. You've given me the perfect gift to play with during those long nights without you...
But you have me here now... and you want to play...
07 - Alpha From Behind
Are you gonna be a good girl for me?
08 - After Hours: Getting Caught
It's not playtime now. We're at work and we need to behave. If only you weren't so tempting...
09 - My Kinks: Wet
I want to no inhibitions... Put your mouth on me... touch yourself... I want to hear the wetness of your fingers between your legs while your mouth is soaking my cock...
10 - Bring Your "A" Game
Let's get primal baby. You know it drives me crazy when you bring your A game.
11 - No Holes Barred
I love it when we get dirty together
12 - Rough & Ravenous
Sometimes we don't need words. All I need is to devour you...
13 - Up Close & Dirty
Play for me baby. Make my cock jealous until I can't help but come over there and fuck you.
14 - MY Girl
Always remember who you belong to...
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