Shivkrupanand Swami

Maternal Energy

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During the 45 days Deep Meditation Practicum, His Holiness Swamiji stays in a very high state of meditation and constantly analyses all the sadhaks at the subtle level. Keeping in mind the feeling of contempt towards women that is present in society at every moment, during his 45 days Deep Meditation Practicum in the year 2009 His Holiness Swamiji has given detailed guidance for the overall and spiritual progress of women, to make women strong from within. He has guided them about how to know their own selves after turning inwards through the medium of meditation. Those same messages have been compiled and presented through the medium of this booklet.
His Holiness Swamiji had declared this Deep Meditation Practicum as the ‘Worship of Mother Power’ Practicum, and invited all the women to join this Practicum. It is hoped that more and more women will obtain guidance through the medium of these messages and they will definitely be benefitted by them.
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