Reigo Vilbiks

I AM Sleep Affirmations

Have you ever wondered how some people live a magical life full of abundance, prosperity, wealth, health, happiness, joy? Like they have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth.
They have overflowing endless energy and love for everyone. They know what they want, and they get it.
Well, these people know that they are the creators of their lives, every moment. They are the masters of vibration. They can change their feelings at will. But how? It is simple. They only focus on good things in life. Only positive thoughts. They only see and feel the highest in everything. They choose joy. They override all things with pure euphoric energy. How does it get any better than this? Well, it can, and it will!
And you can do this also. By just changing your vibration, changing your life story, using affirmations. Is it really that simple? Well, yes, life is simple. You are what you vibrate. Your natural state is abundance, love, happiness, and celebration. Your natural vibration is pure harmony. Just like every flower contains the vibration of blossoming, a flower is a master of vibration. Master of harmony.
Affirmations will remind your body and mind your true harmonic resonance how you should actually ring. Ring like a bell. Sing like thousands of angels.
Radiate like a flower, its natural essence. Inviting, attracting the bees and beings to take part in his amazing symphony. This is you. Your body is like a musical instrument. You can tune it to any frequency.
This guided sleep meditation with affirmations, will relax you fully and harmonize your vibration so you can allow in more happiness and abundance. The law of attraction will work on full power after listening to this meditation. The background music of this hypnosis is very calming and soothing with nature sounds and bells.
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